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29 November, 2007

Good times. Ray Stantz writes in with some great information on the new UK releases of the Raccoons series. It turns out the UK releases are produced by Fabulous Films, Ltd. (their website looks somewhat odd in certain browsers) and that this company owns the rights now in the UK. Further, they are planning on releasing all of the seasons and specials (!!) on DVD, along with the "Run With Us" video on one of these. Also according to Ray, Morningstar will not be releasing further material since it "costs a lot" to convert the film to DVD. Sure, why not? Fabulous Films seems to see a positive return, don't they, though? As a side note, back in the day I was contacted by a VP from Morningstar and we had a good rapport about the DVD releases, but now she seems to have left and my further emails have fallen on deaf inboxes. Perhaps Fabulous Films will be shrewd enough to serve the American market where Morningstar started, but ultimately disappointed.

28 November, 2007

wilki1994 writes in to note that The Raccoons are showing on Boomerang UK (at 22:30 GMT) and Boomerang Poland (at 16:30 GMT / 17:30 CET), and that the 4th season and later will start on Boomerang Poland in January 2008.

13 November, 2007

Several people wrote in to note that Teletoon Canada is now showing the Raccoons as part of their "Retro" lineup! They have a page about it here, including a (small) video of the intro and a 42 second clip from one of the episodes. Thanks to Mark Pethick and Acru Fox for pointing this out. I've updated the Now Playing page as well.

More info about the UK DVD series has also been surfacing, more on that in a bit.

20 September, 2007

The Episode Guide is finally fixed! Apologies for the outage there. Also, Rebecca Gunn (daughter of Peter, one surmises) notes that there is a DVD release of "Series 1" of the Raccoons in the UK, by a publisher other than Morningstar, on Amazon UK here. Interesting. I will dig into this further.

28 August, 2007

More fan art! Working my way through the submissions. Posted Cedric Painting by Ted Kay and Lisa and Bert by Daniela Molina.

23 August, 2007

OK guys, sorry about the hiatus. I realize the episode guide is hoarked, my ISP switched me to some new system and broke the database integration. I'm working on fixing it. Meanwhile I don't recommend ReadyHosting or M&A Technology for hosting.

That having been said, we have some stuff to catch up on. I feel like some fanart. Posted Come With Us by Mark Smith and Sergio Gan Retamero. Also posted Get Real by Erin and Run With Us by Tani Wataridori.

In addition, I should note that the plagiarism problem noted below was taken care of by the folks over at when I finally found someone in charge, and the new editor (at least as of February) sent me a nice mail assuring that he would put a stop to such things. More soon, let's get back into this.

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