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For nostalgia purposes

Can you imagine, there were times when we had to know the time of broadcast for The Raccoons to watch the show? Preserved here are some of the channels that showed the series.

Everything is of course now available officially on demand on YouTube.

Channels Previously Showing The Raccoons


Badre Bally notes that on the UAE channels: "The show is still the same except for the language, the characters given kiddie Arabic names like Ruru and that the soundtrack consists of Arabic adaptations of the show's songs still sound the same but only with Arabic lyrics." Also, "The original English language version used to air on Egyptian Channel 1 in the mid 90's on a famous program called Children's Theatre (Cinema El Atfal)."

Hektor Saandoval notes that in Mexico, Bert Raccoon is "Bert Mapache".

Marijke Rose Brandfuchs notes: "Lisa and her family are from Quebec.. hence why Nicole has a French accent. In the German dub, however, Lisa, Bentley and both parents all have French accents."

Jim: In French, the show is called "Les Amis Ratons", and in German it's "Die Raccons". The latter always cracks me up when I see it in the subject of a mail -- I expect it to be some form of hate mail, but then I switch to parsing it in German and it turns out fine.

Wilki points out that the Polish title of the show is "Szopy Pracze" and that there is the Polish intro on YouTube here.