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14 June, 2006

Posted a clip of the French version of "Run With Us" -- "Viens Vers Nous", sung by Jano Bergeron, as far as I can tell -- on the Songs Page.

01 May, 2006

Posted Kevin Gillis's Eulogy for Len Carlson, thanks to Jon Stroll.

11 April, 2006

Posted fan artwork Bert the Thrill Seeker by Keenfox.

Also posted some new info about Susan Roman from Erin on the Actors page:

I thought you'd find this interesting about Susan Roman (Melissa Raccoon #2, I believe). She was also the voice of Champ Bear on the Care Bears, and she provided the voice of Good Luck Bear in the Care Bears new CGI movie, "Journey to Joke-A-Lot."

17 February, 2006

Jeffrey Gray writes:

Hey Jim,

Here's a drawing Raccoons animator Gerry Paquette did for me, in memory of Len Carlson. There are two versions here; the original, and one with text added by me. Here's what he said: "I actually wasn't aware of Len's passing away but, upon reading the postings on the fan site, it was obviously sudden and unexpected. It's the least I can do for a man whose acting voice inspired some of my best performances as an animator on The Raccoons series. I also plan to send a print-quality version to Kevin Gillis so it may find its way to the family and anyone else concerned."

I've posted the original and the version with Mr Grey's added text on the images page.

02 February, 2006

Two different people emailed me with some sad news for Raccoons fans. From Jon Stroll:

Hi Jim:

There are some major news developments concerning "The Raccoons". I am devastated to be the bearer of this news, but Len Carlson, the legendary voice of Bert Raccoon and many of the other characters on the show, died suddenly on Thursday of a heart attack. I have spoken to Kevin several times and will be going to the funeral on Tuesday. I don't know if you ever knew this, but in addition to Bert Raccoon, he was also the voice of the Jolly Green Giant for a time, and also was a professional baseball player. I had the pleasure of meeting him quite a few times, and he was a thoroughly likeable, charming guy who looked far more youthful than he was. Kevin and I figured that he was probably in his late 60's to maybe about 70. He is survived by his wife, Judy, and a daughter.

From Paul Nash:

Hi Jim,

I currently work on a production called Atomic Betty. It is produced by Kevin Gillis.

I came across your page about 3 years ago when doing some research for the Racoons DVD box set, and was impressed. I check on your page periodicaly to see how it's going.

Unfortunately I am writing you with sad news, as Len Carlson who voiced Bert in Racoons passed away thursday morning of a heart attack. Len does a large share of the voices in Atomic Betty including the main villians sidekick.

I just thought this info - if you weren't aware already, might be of interest to you. He was a great man, and most of us are still in shock.

A great man indeed, and he will be sorely missed. I'm having a tough time imagining the Raccoons without Len voicing Bert. Our thoughts are with Len's family and friends during this sad time.

13 January, 2006

Aaron Long sent me some great MIDI files of the Raccoons instrumental theme from the series and Lost Star, which I've posted on the songs page. Give these a listen, I think you'll enjoy them. Aaron also furnished me an MP3 of the instrumental theme from the series, which I for some odd reason lacked previously. Also posted. Keep em coming, I'm actually responding to mail these days, for a change. (At least for now.) :)

10 January, 2006

Added a Merchandise page to have one central location to keep track of all available Raccoons products for purchase. Currently I've listed the DVDs and the VHS tapes on More as I discover 'em! Let me know if you happen on any.

08 January, 2006

And another year goes by! To kick it off this year, I've added a link to Jon Stroll's Website. If you're in need of consultation regarding anything musical, Jon is your guy, as evidenced by his work on the Raccoons. Tell him I sent you. :) More updates soon; I hear new rumours of happenings in terms of the show.

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